Towards Zero Waste Event Support

Are you looking for ways to make your upcoming event more eco-friendly and less wasteful? Our team is here to help!

Event Support

Waste Loop provides personalized waste assessments, consultation services, and education through your entire event planning and hosting process. We believe that reducing waste is one of the most attainable ways for individuals and businesses to make a positive impact.  

What is a Towards Zero Waste Event?

A Towards Zero Waste Event is one where careful consideration is given to the products used on site, and where these products end up afterwards.  The goal is to reduce our impact by minimizing the resources needed to host the event and reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill.  Planning in this manner may result in items being recycled, composted, or avoided altogether.

Turning your next event into a zero-waste event is a fantastic way to contribute towards local, national, and global sustainability goals and raise awareness about local resource management.


Because each event is unique, we have custom pricing based on:

  • Estimated attendee count
  • Number of collection stations
  • Location of event
  • Data collection and reporting preference
  • Education and training (attendee and vendor)

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