School Sustainability Services

Working towards greater sustainability in the schools of our community.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

From an initial site visit to followup consulting, Waste Loop will provide personalized sustainability recommendations that take into account the goals and challenges of your school.


Let's face it, schools generate a lot of waste. Waste Loop will work with students and staff to sort and measure a full day of waste and calculate the school's diversion potential - how much waste can be saved from entering our local landfill.


Waste Loop educators can provide curricular and instructional support in K-12 classrooms. We specialize in interdisciplinary sustainability related topics such as:

  • Recycling 101
  • Composting and Vermiculture
  • The Science of Plastics
  • Soil Ecology
  • Circular Economy and more!


Waste Loop has developed several NGSS aligned curriculum packages that are available for download and free to use in all classrooms. Please reach out with questions!

For more information and pricing, please send us a message or email our Education and Outreach Coordinator at

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