Glass Crushing Pilot Program

Waste Management stopped accepting glass in their single-stream recycling  in the winter of 2019.  Since then, Waste Loop has been working hard to find solutions for the community to divert glass out of the landfill.  Through a generous donation from Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, Waste Loop received a small glass crusher to help process local glass.  The glass crusher processes glass bottles into ‘cullet’, crushed glass that is similar to a sand/gravel mixture.  The cullet can be used similar to sand and gravel as an inert material in fill, landscaping and other creative construction.  

Photographs by Niki Panek
This shows Colin Sternagel of Waste Loop demonstrating how he processes the glass

Do you have a great idea?

Waste Loop is always looking for new market opportunities for the cullet. Contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions on beneficial reuse for the cullet.
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