Community Composting

The benefits of composting for your home and business

Why Compost?

The cycling of organic matter back into nutrients to be used by new organisms is an essential part of every ecological system. Since ancient times humans have tweaked conditions just so to speed up this decomposition in a more controlled manner because of the value of the finished product - compost!


At Home Composting

From an under the sink worm bin to an outdoor compost pile, composting can be down in nearly any home if you have the time, patience, and willingness to create a space for the microbes and invertebrates to do their work!


Industrial Composting with Winton

Located in Cole's Corner at the old Winton saw mill site, Winton Mfg. Composting Works hopes to be fully operational in the Spring of 2022. Once open, this site will have the capacity to turn all food scraps, agricultural byproduct, and yard debris from the Apple Maggot Quarantine area into high quality compost and soil amendment. Waste Loop plans to partner with Winton to establish a community composting program. Check out their website by clicking the button below.


The Science of Composting

Composting is science in action! Biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology are all in play in this dynamic process and environment. Click below to get nerdy with us - it's pretty cool stuff!


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