Community Compost Drop-off

Compost: the result of tending to organic matter during its natural decomposition process so that it becomes a nutrient-dense soil amendment to feed our plants.

The Community Compost Program is an initiative offered by Winton Mfg. Compost Works. With this program, members can drop off household food waste at drop-off locations. Winton’s state-of-the-art commercial composting facility will turn your food and yard waste into local, high-quality, nutritious compost that will be resold within the community.  

How It Works

#1. Become a member

To become a member, go to the Winton Mfg. Compost Works website and click on the orange 'Learn More & Sign Up' button.  

#2. Pick up your bucket and fill it up

As a new member, you will get a sealing 5-gallon bucket to collect your food scraps in.

#3. Drop it off

Take your bucket to one of Winton's drop-off locations. Its contents will be taken up to Winton Mfg. Compost Works to be composted.

Did you know?

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The Benefit of Composting

Save Money

Save your dollars by diverting food waste that would otherwise go to the landfill, and giving it the opportunity to be recycled into a new resource - compost! 

Support Local

By choosing to participate in this program you are supporting Winton Mfg. Compost Works and Waste Loop. Your locally spent dollars help grow the community and ‘close the loop’ closer to home.

Cleaner Trash

Your trash that is not compostable and still destined for the landfill will be less smelly. No more dripping trash filled with moldy food means the chore of taking the trash out won’t be as gross!

Healthier Planet

Methane Gas is a greenhouse gas that is released into the atmosphere when food decomposes in a landfill. This is because it isn’t given the proper environment and attention to turn it into a safe decomposed soil amendment. Methane Gas is 80 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide, making it a lead contributor to climate change according to the EPA.


What happens after you drop off your food scraps?
How do I keep my bucket free of pests and bad smells?
I can’t participate in the program. Do you have tips for composting at home?
How does composting help with climate change?

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About Winton Mfg. Compost Works

Winton Mfg. Compost Works is a state-of-the-art commercial composting facility located in Leavenworth, WA. Winton is equipped to accept yard waste, food waste and agricultural byproducts from our community in order to transform it into high-quality compost. Through computer-monitored technology and advanced membrane covers on active compost piles, Winton efficiently manages the natural process of decomposition. Their hard work pays off with a nutrient-dense compost product that is an essential component of healthy soil and, in turn, healthy plants. 

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