Featured are some wonderful local business in the valley that find importance in
integrating sustainable practices into their business to reduce their footprint.

Whistlepunk IcE CrEam

Whistlepunk started from Matt Collin’s desire to start a business that made people smile and honored the tradition of the “small town ice cream shop”. From serving his friends & family in home kitchens to serving the community out of a converted garden cart cooler-on-wheels at the local Farmer’s Market to his current brick and mortar shop downtown - Matt has loved the science and creativity of ice cream. The shop is a lot of work but Matt says “the smiles, conversations, celebrations, and the people I met in those first months convinced me that I wanted to keep going”. Matt gave us a glimpse into what ‘sustainability’ looks like at Whistle Punk and for multiple reasons we wanted a waffle cone after the interview. Matt said “I love seeing my friends and their kids at the shop when they come in for a well-earned treat. Everyone deserves ice cream!"

Check out their website HERE.

The Plant Ally

The Plant Ally’s mission is to nourish community and be a part of a reciprocal relationship with our fellow neighbors, artisans, makers, creators, and lovers of the natural world. The store provides a space for community classes in addition to showcasing a wide variety of houseplants, pots to plant them in and other wares from local and ethically sourced artisans. Brittany Thurlow, owner and creator of The Plant Ally discusses her mission and vision as well as gives us a glimpse at ways sustainability is incorporated into the store.

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Yodelin Broth Company’s Mission is to cook the healthiest food to inspire the mind, build a restaurant that creates community & cause no unnecessary harm to the environment.Dan, one of the owners & chef of Yodelin gave us a behind the scenes look at how this mission plays out in the restaurant from the food they source, to how it’s cooked to how it is packaged when out the door.  A few of the ways Yodelin walks the talk is by eliminating plastic straws, plastic wrap, ziplock bags and teflon pans.  Find out more about their sustainability in action by watching the interview!

Check out their website HERE.

The Bubblery

The Bubblery creates unique bath and body care products in addition to showcasing the work of other local artisans. Shawna Lassen, owner and creator of The Bubblery showcases how a small business can incorporate sustainability into each step of their business model from what they source, to what they make, to how they package and distribute.

Check out their website HERE.

Sage Mountain Natural Foods

Owner & farmer Danielle Gibbs, has worked hard to create a place full of healthy food options, grown by local and regional producers, in an environment welcoming to and nurturing of the local community. At Sage Mountain, all of the products are carefully selected for taste and quality from reputable vendors known for their sustainable, ethical practices.

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