Sustainable Subsistence Foraging Workshop w/ Naturalist Tom Prang

Join local naturalist, Tom Prang for a morning of Sustainable Subsistence Foraging!

Host: Tom Prang
Number of participants: 6
Suggested donation: $10 to Waste Loop.

Have you always wanted to get out and learn about wildcrafting and foraging in your local area?  Now is the time!  You will have a fast-paced field immersion experience looking at various aspects of sustainable subsistence.  

- Your phone/camera
- Note-taking materials etc.  (There will be numerous resources available.)  
- Bags/basket for gathering materials.
*Be prepared for the weather with extra layers as needed.*

Tom Prang's background is in Archeology  and Environmental  Education.  He  has done subsistence foraging from Arizona to Alaska and from coast to coast. Tom's skill set spans a variety of realms from  being a Master Hunter to a Master Gardener.  He is a wealth of knowledge and we are excited to have him share his passion for subsistence foraging with the community!

Sunday, November 1st, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Kiss The Ground Virtual Community Screening & Panel Discussion

How about some good news for a change? Here it is: we can reverse global warming. One solution is called 'Regenerative Agriculture" and this film presents the research, practice, and hope we need to move forward. Together.

Join us for a FREE virtual screening of the film followed by a community panel discussion.


Use the password: kisstheground2020


People are calling KISS THE GROUND "The Most Important Film You'll Ever Watch". which is a really big claim. But it just may be true.

Regenerative Agriculture can: Revive farmer prosperity, reduce flooding & draught, replenish fresh water sources, reduce fire hazards, reverse global warming, recreate regional access to nutrient-dense food, reduce toxic pesticides & fertilizers, reduce dead zones & water pollution & reconnect humanity & nature.

We're facing a lot of challenges right now -- This film is creating a movement to solve one of the greatest challenges: balancing the climate & securing our future.

The virtual screening will be available October 28th - November 5th.

Zoom Community Discussion will be held Thursday, November 5th from 5 - 6pm.

Bone broth making class

Join Malerie from your own home in this virtual class to learn the basics of how to make a nourishing bone broth with various cuts of meat, kitchen scraps, and pantry herbs.
Participation is not required. You can choose to follow along in Malerie’s instruction or just listen in and take notes.


Suggested donation : $15 All proceeds will be donated to the Acres of Ancestry/ Black Agrarian fund, a non-profit dedicated to preserving black eco culture, landownership and stewardship in the south. Learn more about their work here :

Optional add-ons : HERBAL BUNDLE / $10 •Purchase a blend of medicinal herbs and roots formulated by Malerie to add to your broth! Pre-order required. Ordering closes 3 days before class.

*Please specify if you have any allergies.
*You are not required to purchase this bundle. We will discuss herbal add-ins during class, which you may already have or can purchase at sage mountain (or your local health food store) and blend-in yourself!

Tuesday, November 3rd, 6 PM - 7 PM